Utility: Truck-mounted Crane

Truck-mounted Crane

This truck-mounted crane handles a variety of lifting requirements for field service technicians. In its initial configuration this machine utilized basic on/off hydraulic controls with limited proportional functions which caused undue boom stress loads and lacked the ability to perform multiple functions at the same time. The radio remote control did not provide any feedback information, and was not scalable to meet unique user demands.

GSH greatly improved the performance, productivity and safety of this truck-mounted crane by integrating a total machine control system which is scalable to meet the specific needs of each user. GSH updated the hydraulic system design to include proportional control valves, flow sharing, load sensing, and pressure compensation. GSH developed a family of machine control solutions ranging from an advanced proportional control system up to an industry leading CAN/Hydraulic control system with a crane-specific load management system. Application-specific software calculates safe operating limits so the boom is not overextended and operational limits of the machine are not exceeded. The diagnostic system allows for monitoring all aspects of the machine functions, including outrigger positions, engine performance, winch status, and proportional outputs. The diagnostic system provides hydraulic preventive maintenance indications, error event logging and messaging. An innovative last wrap indicator is optional on the winch and provides an added measure of safety and performance enhancement not previously utilized in the industry.